Yes, we are the number one in the DH scene and this is not because we affirm it. The UCI made public the Elite Team ranking for this upcoming season and the MS-Mondraker Team is listed in a worthy first place with 159 points.


And this is not by chance at all. It is because we have a fantastic team commanded by the brilliant World Champion Danny Hart, who managed to win three races in a row at the World Cup, plus the World Champs at Val di Sole. He left us breathless in many occasions, making easy the impossible and demonstrating that today there is no one who can follow his trail. The best rider for the best bike!

But we cannot forget of the rest of the team, because thanks to them we are the reference in the paddock. Laurie Greenland comes pushing hard… really hard! At the World Champs we saw an epic battle between him and Danny, and it all points to see the two British riders of the Ms Mondraker, fighting hard at the tracks this season. Without a doubt Laurie has evolved from being a promising rider to a completely real one.

On his side, Markus Pekoll is an ode to elegance and regularity. The Austrian rider brings this class and know-how that all teams would want; someone who helps to keep the team together and be the best teammate. His 23 points from last season are a life insurance and the indication that he is always there, adding a plus to the team.

Congratulations to them and all the MS Mondraker Team for taking us to the top and helping us making history. We also cannot ignore the incredible 6th place of the Voul-Voul Racing Team, who are prepared to compete at the highest level, commanded by Florent Payet, who completed the historic trio of Mondraker riders in the World Champs with his bronze medal.

We’ve positioned the Summum Carbon bike at the centre of all sights and on the top of the podium, demonstrating once again that Mondraker’ s DNA is pure competition.

To celebrate this, and as we promised, we present this video showing what the 2016 season meant for us & MS-Mondraker. Here you will find two and a half minutes of emotions, action, lots of flow and of course… victories !


See you at the races!

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