Welcome to the place where you want to be.

You may be sitting at home just now, in the office or at an airport waiting to board a plane, while dreaming that what you really want to do is get on your bike and go to that quiet place that inspires you, relaxes you, and means you can enjoy the journey on the way there.

Because a bike should be able to take you to that place regardless of how far away it is or how tough the terrain. That’s the spirit of mountain biking, and the same spirit that inspired us to create the new Factor 29er, a bike to get you to any destination that no matter where it is.

The new Factor 29 is absolutely rolling and fun when the terrain gets tough, with 110 mm of travel and a full suspension frame featuring the Zero® System to absorb any terrain and with all the benefits of 29" wheels.

Mondraker Factor 29er

Mondraker Factor 29er - Ver vídeo

Main features

Since its inception in 2006, the Factor has been a bike designed and developed for a demanding cyclist who seeks efficient pedalling on climbs but also excellent performance in the most technical sections and on descents.

Components such as the Zero suspension system and Fox CTD shocks with a remote lever on the handlebar provide our bike with an amazing ability to adapt to terrain.

Stealth Technology 2.0, a tapered head tube and extra wide suspension shafts deliver extraordinary stiffness and absolute control over the bike.

Mondraker Factor 29er
Interchangeable dropouts Zero system Suspension pivots Stealth 2.0 Tapered steering CTD Remote lever


26 or 29” wheel? This is an increasingly common question among cyclists and everyone has their own preferences. It really depends on how you use your bike and the type of routes you usually go on. At Mondraker we examine each of the points affecting the optimal development of each bike for maximum effectiveness in each pedal stroke. If you’re looking for a real tourer with which to eat up hundreds of miles on each trip, then the Factor 29er is your bike.

Geometry is one of the key aspects in the Factor 29er. Its pedalling position is optimal due to the 74.5º saddle tube and the long top tube. Its short chainstays together with a 12 x 142 mm rear axle and low bottom bracket helps acceleration and traction when climbing, which added to the 69.5º steering angle brings ease of handling and comfort going downhill.

Mondraker Factor 29er . Geometría

Mondraker Factor . Geometría


The exclusive Zero suspension system is the most important technological innovation developed by Mondraker. Zero is a virtual pivot system having the rear shock floating between the two system links, which compress the shock at the same time on both sides.

Thanks to the pivots optimum position together with the specific rear shock location, the Zero suspension system has clear advantages compared to other suspension systems.

  • Zero power loss. The system neutralises any bob when pedalling.
  • Zero pedal feedback. Smooth pedalling with no chain pulls.
  • Zero brake jack. The rear brake does not affect the system by stiffening the suspension.
  • Zero bumps. Surprising absorption capacity combined with pedalling efficiency.

Mondraker Factor 29er . Suspension

CTD is a dynamic suspension system that makes it easy to adjust shocks while riding by just pressing a lever. You can select one of its three performance modes – Climb, Trail, Descent – based on the type of terrain and gradient.

Mondraker Factor 29er . Suspension

Mondraker Factor 29er . Suspension

Climb Mode: Highest shock compression setting for maximum pedalling efficiency.

Trail Mode: Moderate shock compression for maximum adaptability and bike control on variable terrain.

Descent Mode: Open shock setting for maximum control and full absorption of bumps and potholes on steep, aggressive descents.

More info FOX Racing Shox.


The Mondraker Factor 29er is available in 3 different mounts for every style of rider. All its components are carefully selected for a type of use and price level. Models R and RR stand out featuring Easton wheels and a Fox Float CTD remote lever on the handlebar for absolute control of the suspension at the flick of a thumb.

Mondraker Factor RR 29er

_Mondraker Stealth 2.0 Twist Side Alloy Structure 29er frame
_Mondraker Zero Suspension System, 110mm
_Fox Float 29 RLC Fit Remote Kashima 110mm 15QR fork
_Fox Float CTD Remote LV BV Kashima rear shock
_Easton EA70 29 XCT tubeless 12x142mm wheelset
_Shimano XT drivetrain

_Frame available

Mondraker Factor RR 29er

Mondraker Factor R 29er

_Mondraker Stealth 2.0 Twist Side Alloy Structure 29er frame
_Mondraker Zero Supension System, 110mm
_FoxFloat 29 RLC Fit Remote 110mm 15QR fork
_FoxFloat CTD Remote LV rear shock
_Formula RX disc brakes
_Easton XC 12x142mm wheelset

Mondraker Factor RR 29er

Mondraker Factor 29er

_Mondraker Stealth 2.0 Twist Side Alloy Structure 29er frame
_Mondraker Zero Supension System, 110mm
_RockShox Reba 29 RL 110mm fork
_RockShox Monarch RT rear shock
_Avid Elixir 1 180/160mm brakes
_Race Face Ride components

Mondraker Factor RR 29er