We’re back! After a month break the MS Mondraker Team is in full Race Mode at Mont-Sainte-Anne, Canada.

Brook, Laurie, Mike and the Co-Factory Team have had some quality time and rest at their home places. Now with batteries at full charge, they are willing to bring back some great results like they achieved at Vallnord. Will we see the Team back on the podium?

Stay tuned! We will be updating with news, results and pictures during all the race weekend!



Mont Sainte Anne/ Canada hosts the 6thround of the 2018 UCI world cup. This year it is the one and only world cup round out of Europe and coming here includes special preparation such as flying over earlier for acclimatize and getting over the jetlag.

The weather in Mont Sainte Anne this year is unusual hot which are the best circumstances for storms and unstable weather. On the first day of training one of those storms kicked in with heavy rain and thunder. Training got interrupted for 2 hours because track marshals got evacuated from the mountain, the gondola got stopped and the riders got a maximum of 4 training runs on the first day. The good thing was that we showed again that we are a force to count with: Brook 3rdand Mike 7th Elite time training and Pat got 2ndin juniors timed training.



It has been a good day of classifications for the MS Mondraker Racing Team in Mont-Sainte-Anne:

5th Position for Brook MacDonald and 20th position for Mike Jones who returns after an injury to his wrist. For his part, Patrick Butler win the 5th position in Juniors.

Today is the RACE DAY!


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MS Mondraker Team


Day 4 turned this race into being a setback for us.
Laurie could not start because of an unstable and sore ankle, Mike hasn’t had a good run, but also a flat tire and Brook crashed in his race run with in reach of the top split times, got back on the bike and had a flat tire as well.

Laurie finished this weekend with a DNS (did not start), which drops him from 3rd to 6th position in the overall. Brook end in 53rdand dropped one position in the overall from 7th to 8th place. Mike finished in 27th and dropped 1 position in the overall to 31st position. 
The only real highlight for us this weekend is the 4th place of Pat Butler I the juniors race. That got him from 9th to 6th place in the junior world cup overall ranking. 

These results also sent us back in the team standings- we dropped from 2nd into 4th place, but we are still in reach with 2nd place.
This is how racing is: sometimes you win and sometimes you lose- we are looking forward to the next round to fight back! Stay tuned for the next round, which is the season final in La Bresse/ France.

MS Mondraker Team / #MondrakerDNA