Crafty Carbon Media Launch


Crafty Carbon is here!

In the middle of last November, we invited the best international media to the launch and worldwide presentation of the new Crafty Carbon, our new e-MTB icon. To the small village of Gondramaz near Lousa in Portugal, some of the Mondraker staff of Product and Marketing departments led by our CEO Miguel Pina, attended the launch and rode with the group of journalists during two test days.

The pouring rain, muddy terrain and cold at this time of November was not an obstacle to enjoy an unforgettable launch, whose summary we wanted to collect in this commemorative video. Likewise, here are some of the most remarkable comments about this new bike and the links to the most outstanding articles of the presentation that the international press reviewed about Crafty Carbon:

Crafty Carbon: The lightest Bosch-Bike in the World!

Florentin Vesenbeck, BIKE – EMTB GERMANY

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If you dream of a perfect e-bike, Crafty Carbon is the closest to it. Its lightweight, reliability unlimited performance, unique aesthetics ... This is Mondraker Crafty Carbon.

Dani Perez, SoloBici

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Incredibly impressive rear suspension, backed up by great geometry and very light weight.

Tom Marvin, Bike Radar

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An ebike less than 20kg, in this case, it feels and it's a real pleasure. The arms are less tired, we feel the control of the bike without special effort and, on the longest rides or at the most technical, the more pleasant it is..

Olivier Béart, Vojo magazine

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The first Mondraker eMTB below 20 kilograms, with no compromises!!

Mondraker has broken the 20 kg barrier, the first brand to do so with the new Gen4 Bosch motor, also being a 150 mm travel Enduro bike with 29” wheels. 

Julio Vicioso, BIKE / e-BIKE /

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e-Enduro, 29", featherweight? With his latest bike Mondraker seems to resolve several contradictions and presents an uncompromising heavy duty pedelec under the magical 20kg limit.

Ralf Hauser, Bike Board

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Mondraker told us that it's not a bike for everyone, I don't know if I'm among those few, but honestly if I could afford it I would love to have ...…

Stefano Chiri, – MTB Cult

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Crafty Carbon felt so so good… the back end is so supple and, a lot of brands claim they have this supple off the top and real kind of tough bottom out resistance kinematics, but Mondraker has nailed it. It is the best suspension platform that I have tested!

Rob Hancill, EMTB Forums

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