Laurie Greenland wins Val di Sole!


Laurie Greenland wins Val di Sole!

Who would have imagined it… It had to be at Val di Sole! The Downhill Racing Mecca. First ever World Cup Win for Laurie Greenland at the 6th round of the 2019 UCI MTB DH World Cup in Val di Sole, on the roughest, gnarliest and most demanding downhill track of the season.

It had to be Val di Sole. The same venue Mondraker swept the Podium with the Summum in 2016 claiming 1-2-3 at DH Worlds, something unheard of for any bicycle Brand in Mountain Biking Worlds’ history. Val-di-Summum, because winning at the same venue again is not a coincidence. Laurie finished 2nd at 2016 Worlds and he was on a mission last weekend recalling some of the lines his father had pointed out back in the day, on another storming and glorious run for the MS-Mondraker Team rider. The most technical and challenging course of the year was tamed under Greenland’s energetic-flowy-and-loose but always controlled style aboard his Mondraker Summum Carbon.

2019 is Greenland’s 4th season at MS-Mondraker and Laurie’s & Summum perfect marriage looks stronger than ever. His recent win at the IXS Cup in Pila and his first ever World Cup win here at Val di Sole boost Laurie’s and MS-Mondraker Team confidence to tackle the final races of this exciting 2019 season.

Laurie at Mondraker we are super pumped for you!

Thanks to the whole Team for their unconditional commitment and all the best for the upcoming races for our MS-Mondraker Team team riders Mike Jones, Brook MacDonald and Laurie Greenland!