Women MTB for women


Women MTB for women

Laura Celdran – Mondraker ambassador – and Eva Garrido lead an MTB training initiative

The project consists of a training plan to help the number of female mountain bikers to grow.

Laura tells us: …“Eva and I have a complete commitment towards the Project and our cooperation goes far beyond money: we really want to help women’s MTB to grow due to our passion for this great sport.”

How it started and goals:

Laura: …”The initiative came up in the most “natural” way ever: I attended an event where the owner told me like us to give her girlfriend a hand because she was “scared” of mountain biking… After a few days thinking through it, his own marketing team had detected dozens of cases in the same state in the women’s MTB sector.”

At this point, the need of a market for “MTB training for women given by women” was established, so Eva Garrido and Laura Celdran started to draw a plan for a project which is now a reality.

Current state and future plans

On 8th April a pilot tested the feasibility of the initiative with a first group of female beginners and it was a great success. The women’s feedback was excellent.

As of today, all the planned courses up to June are fully booked and we’re already in the saddle to set the dates of the schedule until the beginning of 2018.

Moreover, due to the high demand, we’re involving more MTB national instructors in order to cover all the current needs.

This is a collaboration project where we show the importance and value of working “together”; it’s a clear example of a project in which 1 plus 1 equals much more than 2.

What are women who take part looking for, how do they see cycling, etc.

Laura: …”After the first pilot test we found out that what our pupils were looking for was to overcome their fears on the bike, to become aware of the fact that they’re able to do what they don’t often have the courage to on their MTB rides.

Generally, they’re women who want to enjoy their rides more and more. They see that cycling is a sport whose enthusiasts are growing in number, as there are more and more fun rides, mass races, stage races… a sport that, in short, is additive, helps you better yourself and makes  you share great moments with friends.

In advanced courses the women’s aim varies, but “in essence” the base goal of them all is mainly to learn and to improve their technique to be able to enjoy themselves more and more.