This day was one of these days, which pay off for all the blood, sweat and effort…

Val di Sole is a track unowned as rough and unforgiving. We are always come to this place with mixed feelings- for sure it is an exciting track to race on, but we are always happy to leave this place in one piece.

In the Elite race we have been represented by three riders and first of them to come down was local Johannes von Klebelsberg. With his so far best qualifying result in his pocket, Johannes rode a little bit to conservative and repeat the position from the day before. Johannes finished in 38, which is still his best world cup result so far.

Brook showed top split times in timed training as well as in his qualification run and so he was in a good mute for the race. On race day he struggled a bit with finding the right suspension setup before his race run. The problem lead into his race run and Brook rode a little bit too consistent to be able to get on the podium- 9thplace for him.

 Last to come down one more time was Laurie Greenland. Laurie had a run, which was evocative to his run of world championships in 2016. He showed some wild lines, which paid off in the end. He crossed the finish line in lead and jumped into the hot seat with 4 more riders to come. Vergier crashed at the very top and was not able to attack the podium anymore. Luca Shawn was a few seconds of in the top split times, made up time in the lower part, but couldn’t beat the time of Laurie. Former team mate Danny Hart came close to Lauries split times, but could beat him in the end. Last men to come down was Amaury Pierron, the two times winner of the 2018 race season, who pointed out his strength in qualifications with a fabulous time and for sure he was the favorite for this race. Amaury was ahead at split one, back at split 2, back again at split 3 and a few tenth of a second ahead again at split 4. The French men crossed the finish line 0,524 ahead of Laurie, who got 2ndin the end.

The Australian Junior Patrik Butler beat some of the stronger and bigger riders and got 3rdwith 3.3 seconds off first at the junior world cup.

With the 2ndplace of Laurie, the 9thplace of Brook and the 3rdplace of Patrik in the junior race we won the team ranking of the day and made up some point in the team overall ranking.

We are now heading to the 5thround of the 2018 UCI MTB worldcup in Vallnord/ Anodrra- stay tuned. 

RACE MODE: ON - ITALY by DSB / Mondraker Italy