New Mondraker 2019 line-up

New Mondraker 2019 line-up

ALICANTE, SPAIN., 2019 marks a new summit within the evolution of the still young - but truly outstanding - history of Mondraker. The Spanish bicycle brand that pioneers MTB world with their benchmark Forward Geometry and ground-breaking Zero Suspension Technology.

Founded in 2001 Mondraker Bicycles started developing state-of-the-art bicycles from the very first day. In 2008 Mondraker developed the Zero Suspension system – a true game changer that kicked the young brand right into the Premier League of bicycle brands. Since then a lot has changed, such as the introduction and continuous evolution of their benchmark Forward Geometry concept or Mondraker’s unique Stealth manufacturing technology for high-end Aluminum and Carbon frames and parts.

Today, 18 years of racing and development experience culminate into the brand’s new 2019 bicycle collection, which is, as Mondraker’s CEO Miguel Pina uses to say every year, “Our best so far!”.

Backed by their 100% racing DNA, a passionate crew and the vision to inspire riders to push their own limits Mondraker introduces the new 2019 range with big news and highlights.


For 2019 season Mondraker unleashes a whole bunch of news and upgrades. The legendary Foxy Enduro/AM full suspension bike gets a 29” sibling with Forward Geometry and Zero Suspension – both optimized for 29”. With 150mm rear travel and 160mm at the front the Foxy 29 is even more aggressive. Foxy 29 is available with both, Stealth Carbon and Stealth Alloy frame with adjustable head angle (+/-1°, optional for alloy) and CSC upper link.

2019 Dune Carbon and Dune Alloy Super Enduro bikes introduce new frames with upgraded 170mm rear wheel travel. Rear suspension was re-designed, now featuring an optimized link design and metric sized shock with Trunnion mount. Burlier and more powerful overall to conquer the wildest Enduro tracks on this planet.

For advanced XC riding and racing the latest and most refined Podium Carbon hardtail bike introduces small refinements to hit the most technical and extreme CXO World Cup courses.
Pure strength, top-level fitness, hardcore efforts - Podium Carbon will deliver maximum performance and the most efficient and fastest XC ride ever.

For those who prefer to challenge themselves the all-new Chrono Carbon offers unbeatable, ready-to-race XC performance in a lightweight package and at the best value. The 2019 Mondraker Chrono features the same geometry as the high-end Podium Carbon wrapped in a 1,150g Stealth Carbon frame.

In 2019 you can also double your fun with Mondraker’s updated e-MTB range. The full carbon, full suspension Crusher e-MTB series exclusively features Shimano’s latest Steps E-8000 drive. Paired with this cutting-edge technology the Mondraker Crusher features a most advanced full carbon integrated Stealth construction, optimized Zero Suspension and Forward Geometry with one clear goal: Crushing the trails up & down.

Bosch Performance Line CX drive is featured by full suspension e-MTB Level, Chaser and Crafty as well as the by Prime hardtail.
The all-new 2019 Mondraker Level introduces 29” wheels to long travel, hardcore, high performance e-MTB riding. As the entire Mondraker full suspension bike range Level features the super capable Zero Suspension with 170mm front and 160mm rear travel and Forward Geometry. Level marks the most aggressive e-full-suspension bike within the Mondraker range.

Enduro/AM e-MTB Chaser defines the new generation of e-MTB Trail bikes. It is based on a fully integrated Stealth Alloy frameset design. As Crusher and Level it sports Zero Suspension and Forward Geometry with 130mm rear and 140mm or 150mm front travel. It offers the best Mondraker technologies and best value.

The all-new 2019 Prime e-hardtail range combines a completely new fully integrated Stealth Alloy design with the Forward Geometry in 27.5” and 29” options. Prime is Mondraker’s entry into the world of e-mountain biking that equalizes efforts and provides 100% fun.

There’s even more to come that has not yet left Mondraker’s secret labs. Ever heard about the F-Podium? Well, you will. There are more great things to come!


As a racing inspired brand Mondraker is developing, building and offering authentic racing machines for daily use. So consequently for 2019 Mondraker offers even more unreal bikes, built to push any limits and be as fast as it gets.
More important, however, is that everything Mondraker does is spirited by the passion of its team. Work hard, exceed expectations. And stay in touch with those who ride their bikes in everyday use: listen, learn and improve the best.
So whenever you get the chance to come to Elche, Spain, visit Mondraker. Have a beer (or ride) with them and tell them your story – to be ready for 2020!