The e-Crafty experience, by Stefan Schlie


The e-Crafty experience, by Stefan Schlie

Stefan Schlie is a well-known rider in the mtb scenario, becoming champion and vice champion in trial categories for several times, and a long-time ambassador for Mondraker. As a pioneer of the sportive e-Mountainbiking and one of the creators of the Bosch Uphill Flow campaign, he has helped to develop many technical aspects of the e-Crafty and hence is currently riding a 2018 Mondraker e-Crafty XR+.

“Mondraker is open for new ideas and flexible in realizing it! Creating future is the very big thing in the bicycle industry and this is a totally new discipline at the moment. Proud to be part of it!”

The e-Crafty has become one of the brand’s flagships in the e-MTB range and proved to be a perfect all-rounder; a real AM-Enduro e-mountainbike inspired by Mondraker’s most genuine racing DNA.

“The e-Crafty XR is a perfect symbiosis for up and downhill. Features like Forward Geometry and Zero Suspension System complete the system together with the great elastic Dynamics of the Bosch Perfomance Line CX motor”.

Enjoy these pictures with Stefan and his e-Crafty XR+ in the amazing landscapes of the island of La Palma, in the Spanish Canary Islands, where he spends most time of the year pushing the bike to its limits and searching for new and more thrilling challenges.

Unleash the possibilities the new e-Crafty offers and build your own adventure.

Made for serious e-mountainbiking.